As they grew revenues when sales fell iPad

In Q2 2016 Apple sold 9.9 million tablets iPad worldwide, with 300,000 units less than the same period last year, the Cupertino expecting that follows to register a further decline in sales of iPads, so all expectations were already so.

Although sales of iPads fell 9% comparing the two fiscal quarters, receipts for those of Apple iPad tablets grew by 7%, the situation is quite unusual for someone who looks things strictly speaking, but the reality behind this achievements reveals that the Cupertino strategy was bearing fruit.

In Q2 2016 Apple had earned 4.876 billion dollars from the sales of iPads and increase in revenues is due to the fact that both models of iPad Pros average selling prices higher than the tablets sold in the same period last year, and hence the increase of 7% in overall revenues.

Sales drop, revenues and profits grow

Specifically, although Apple sold fewer tablets than in the same period last year, revenues grew because tablets sold were expensive and so Apple has managed to make money even in falling sales of its products, and here sit virtually the genius of Cupertino.

A lot of people was surprised that Apple was able to announce something good out of something bad, but so is business for those in Cupertino, and they have the intelligence to make more money, even when sales drop and we can expect similar situations in the coming fiscal quarters.

This is the first time in the last 10 fiscal quarters when the income of iPads rose compared with a fiscal quarter basis, while those from Apple can look confidently to the future, especially if it will convince more people to buy iPads Pro.

ipad sales

What models of the iPhone is selling best?

If you were ever curious to know which models of the iPhone is selling best, well a study published by a company specialized in monitoring markets for smartphones shows that users are fairly predictable in terms of purchasing new models mobile terminals.

In the picture below you combinations of terminal models iPhone sold by Apple and its partners in the US from September until now, and in a very short analysis you will see that models with 64 GB storage space dominates unappealable sales , just as expected.

After them come the models with 16 GB of storage, which is cheaper but offer space that can hardly meet the needs of many users who separately installed applications from the App Store are rushing to take pictures or videos, and they do not have enough room to be stored in devices.

In the third quarter of fiscal 2015 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been the undisputed leader in sales offer Apple, but their place was taken quickly by the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus after launching models with 128 GB of storage recording vanzaril fairly consistent, according to the data.

Since March things start to become still more interesting, iPhone SE starting to record Vandre pretty good, stealing from sales of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 / Plus or iPhone 6S / Plus, the device being bought mainly by those who were old models the iPhone and wanted something new but not very big screen.

iphone sales models

Basically, at the moment iPhone SE represents approximately 16% of all iPhones US assets, share one big enough if we think that we are talking about a terminal with 4 inch screen which theoretically would not have had to report Apple’s interest to customers, but reveals that there is a market ignored by Americans.

Information put in a light little different way people choose to buy temrinalele iphone, but here we are talking about the US, so in other parts of the world things could be different, especially in terms of sales models with 64GB or 128 GB storage space, they are expensive.

Do you want to download AppCake from Cydia?

Without Installous offering the community free cracked apps, AppCake is on everyone’s lips. Do you wonder why? It is because AppCake is on the top of best options that won the admiration of the most of the jailbreak users. You can notice that seeing the download figures. Experienced users do know that AppCake is very useful for iPhone, iPod and iPad. As a newcomer, maybe you are keen to know the steps of AppCake downloading to your iOS device from Cydia. Here is the complete tutorial on downloading and installing it to your iOS device. If you are an Android user you will not find the correct information here. Please follow these steps:

Jailbreak your iOS device, otherwise you will not be able to download AppCake to it. If your device (even Greenpoison or RedSnow) is jailbroken you can install AppCake in only 5 minutes. This step is vital because if you do not have Cydia installed on your device you cannot go on to the next step.

After you opened the app go to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add. Whenever you want to add a Cydia repository follow these steps. This operation can be done in a few seconds if you are used with Cydia installation. A text-box pops-up and there is where you enter the App repository namely . Even though there are other Cydia sources that host AppCake this is the best alternative being the latest version. Enter your repository then tap Add Source.


Now your device should check the repo. In case of any warning message hit Add Anyway. When you can see Return to Cydia button, tap it to go back to sources page. After you have completed this step you should see iPhone Cake repo added to your device. If you have an HD iOS device you will need AppCake HD. Confirm-> Return to Cydia.

In order to make it work you must reboot you device. You will be able to start downloading apps from AppCake after you see the icon on your Springboard. If you do not know what to start with, do see our top 10 best Cydia apps ever. We highly recommend AppCake users to buy the app after they tested it with AppCake. Both the users and the developer benefit from it. Every very good app requires many hours to develop, therefore think about it. It is only few dollars. If you are still not convinced that AppCake is at the same level with Installous, try vShare and Apptrakr.

New Sony robots can create emotional connections with people

The Sony says that their new robots will create emotional connections with people.

Chief executive of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, has revealed details about robots, but says it will propose new business models that integrate hardware and services to deliver compelling emotional experiences.

Sony Will Propose to seek new business models and services to hardware integrated That Provide Emotionally compelling experiences, Sony was thought to reintroduce “robot game” after increased competition from Asian stores led to a massive cost cutting in 2006.

However, they released Aibo, the robot canine, which some people loved him so much that they even organized the funeral …
Besides popularity, robots were used by researchers for many activities, including football tournament since 2005.

It has been 10 years later and several companies have found ways to create an interaction between humans and robots.
SoftBank gathered “emotions” about the robot similar company, Pepper, that I think we all know, while Boston Dynamics has brought him early on SpotMini, a robot with a sense of humor. PlayStation VR system is set to launch in October this year, and Sony believes is perfect for success in areas such as entertainment and gaming.
Overall, Sony has many ideas in processing and warehouse for the new generation of technology.

NCApps open applications directly in the Notifications Center

NCApps is a tweak available during the day in Cydia for iPhone and iPod Touch sites that run iOS 9, he giving us the opportunity to open applications directly in the Notifications Center, the picture below showing how it clear its functionality.

According to the developer NCApps any open application in Notifications Center works as in normal mode would be open operating system iOS in September, so basically we will benefit from all the functionality that the application provides for a new normal.

At closing, NCApps remember the last open application in Notifications Center and reopen it for us, but applications are not kept permanently open in the background to not consume battery power, as happens normally with open applications in the background system iOS 9.

NCApps photoNCApps allows you to quickly access an application from within a new notification center tab. When first opened you will be presented with an option to select an app. After an app is selected you can interact with it as you would if it were fully launched. When closing the notification center, NCApps will remember which app you last had open in its tab and reopen it next time you open it for quicker access.

GridSwitcher Cydia Tweak for iOS 9

The redesigned task switcher gets one more redesign thanks to tom-go, a tweak programmer who has released GridSwitcher. Here is the latest tweak that alters how the job switcher looks (and works).

Now, arguably, you might or might not concur with me on this one but this undoubtedly is an excellent tweak if theme mods are your sort of a thing.gridswitcher

Along with the motive is great is because you can now see around four programs immediately in the iPhone and access them faster. It doesn’t make sense when you simply read that sentence but when you utilize GridSwitcher, it actually alters how you change between programs. I didn’t believe it’d make a lot of difference but between the stock iOS 9 switcher and GridSwitcher, there’s actually lots of difference.

As an example, it might screw up tweaks which make developments to the switchers UI. Purge appears to function just fine in our tests but with lots of tweaks out there, a compatibility graph is kind of difficult.

GridSwitcher places those program cards right into a grid so meaning it is possible to see four of them as opposed to the only card you can find out in the iOS 9 switcher. The cartoons are quite awesome and easy (nothing overboard). Exactly the same swipe-upwards kills the program which you swiped upwards from the switcher.

Whether there will be upgrades which will address compatibility with other tweaks, GridSwitcher is a keeper for sure. It reminds you of Auxo and is really, almost far better in regard to the encounter.

GridSwitcher is up on BigBoss for $1.50.

Customize to your liking Music apps navigation bar

The music program in iOS 9 is ideal for listening to music as it’s user friendly and has all the feature you’d ever want from a stock music program. Among the best characteristics of the program is that how straightforward the navigation between various areas of the stock program is thanks to the navigation bar found at the end of the display.

However, what in the event you’d like to replace any button in the navigation bar using a button more pertinent to your own demands and that’s sitting in the more section of the program. Well it’s pretty easy move to make, here’s how.

It is an excellent choice to create Music.program more satisfied to users settings. If you’d like to replace the Radio choice with Music Genres or Composers now you realize the best way to get it done.

To be able to get this done just start the and hit the more button in the button bar. Now pat in the edit button after which you’ll view a display as shown in the picture above. With this screen you’ll find distinct icons.

How to use Cydia Installer

Install Cydia apps without Wi-Fi connection – iPhone
There are a lot of us who simple don’t have WiFi at home, but a normal Internet connection. What do you do when you want or need to install an app on your iPhone from Cydia? Can it be done? The answer is, yes, fortunately.
Actually we will present not one way but two ways of installing apps on iPhone without WiFi.cydia-installer

Before starting, you should know that for both ways, there are some requirements that need to be done until proceeding, like:
Your iDevice needs to be Jailbroken. If it’s not, but you already were considering in doing this, for more details on this matter, please consider on doing a little research before.

  • You need a computer
  • A USB cable
  • Internet connection for your computer, not WiFi
  • Download Cydia by jailbreaking your iOS device or use Cydia Installer

The first method you can use in order to get those awesome apps without WiFi, is using an app called Cyder. After you make sure you accomplish the above necessary steps, you can go on and download Cyder. After the download is complete follow these next steps:
-install Cydia
-take the USB cable and connect the iPhone to computer
-open Cyder
-in Cyder’s window you will be able to see the available repo
-if you need or want you can add more repo/sources by selecting the “+” sign
-once you are happy with your sources just click the “Refresh” sign and wait for it to load the apps
-when the load is done, just select the second icon from left called “Packages” tab in Cydia’s Installer ios 8.4
-from the “Packages” tab you will be able to select the apps you want to download. Select the ones needed and use the download tab from the bottom.
-after this, use the “Synchronization” tab
– to copy the new apps from your computer, use the green arrow sign
-when all the wanted apps are copied, reboot your iDevice
-open your device and enjoy!

The second method you may want to use when downloading apps without WiFi connection is by using another app called iGopher.

Of course, the previous requirements are also needed here also. After you’ve made sure they are all set you can go ahead and download iGopher. After the download is complete follow these next steps:
–open the iGopher’s installation folder and open packagesources.txt
– packagesources.txt is the place where you’ll find some website links that are actually the sources/repositories for Cydia installer
– if you want to add new sources, while in packagesources.txt copy the complete address of the source and save the txt file after you’ve added enough sources
-connect the iPhone to computer via USB
-open the iGopher app and have some patience to load if you’ve added somewhere around 60 sources
-after it loads, you’ll see in iGopher all the sources you’ve previously added
-select the apps you further want to install
-now Click Files/Clear Script
-now Click Files/Export Script
– iGopher will now start to download the selected apps
-after the download is complete, a popup window will appear
-now open Cydia installer 8.4 on your iPhone with TaiG and you’ll see the apps that you’ve previously downloaded
-select each and click install
-enjoy your new apps without WiFi!

If you want to use iGopher in the future, please remember to clear up the Export Script. This file can be found on your PC – iGopher/Export/

You now know two great ways to install awesome apps on your iPhone without using WiFi and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Best App Launcher Cydia Tweaks

Among the things that iOS loses is the capacity to launch programs quicker using something similar to an Program Launcher. Decently.

When you jailbreak, its as if alternatives have burst. At last count, we’d at least five distinct program launchers for iOS 8. (the list will likely be upgraded as and when we locate a cool program launcher appear on Cydia).


Cost: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Swipey is an program launcher that relies in the swipe gesture. It’s possible for you to configure Swipey to have shortcuts for as much as six favourite programs from your lockscreen.

As straightforward as that.

Each page is an instant shortcut to an program. When you land on a page and let it remain to get a timeout, the accompanying program launches. You can even keep swiping more to get to other programs which you have put.


Appbox iOS 8.2 Program Launcher Cydia Tweak

Cost: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

AppBox is among the trendiest program launchers for iOS 8.3. AppBox sets your favourite programs as icons with this page in order to get them immediately.

Some programs have linked widget-like operation: for instance, tap and hold in the Music program as well as the playlist opens; harness and hold in the Message program and a Compose New Message display opens up.

But AppBox goes beyond this with attributes which are scarcely accessible one tweak. Most notably, you can even conceal program badges and labels to allow it to be even more minimal.


Cost: $1.00 | Repo: ModMyi

RocketLauncher is one more lockscreen launcher that also functions as an alternative program switcher. One must use the RocketLauncher in order to describe and understand how different it’s compared to most other launchers. The tweak is mainly driven by gesture-based activities to the lockscreen. It reveals program switcher icons to the right (piled vertically) and an program display preview to the left.

Agreeably, RocketLauncher is a quicker method of opening programs since you dont lift your finger off the display.

It’s possible for you to configure the program icons to be shortcuts to seven of your preferred programs. In the event you dont configure this, the programs revealed will function as recently-used programs. After RocketLauncher opens, you simply swipe / slide your finger on the program icon that must be established.


Cost: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Gestr is a draw-to-open-an-program sort of a tweak/program launcher. With Gestr installed, it is possible to draw contours to open favourite programs. There isn’t any limit in Gestr which means it is possible to put lots of forms to programs. Putting a contour may be somewhat tricky since there are not any settings for Gestr.

As an example, within my iPhone, Ive place doubletap-statusbar to activate Gestr. After Gestr launches the sailcloth, I draw a contour plus it opens the program. And on iOS, the execution is really great.


Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

JellyLock was a popular Android-divine lockscreen launcher for iOS 6 and it’s been upgraded to support iOS 8.3 also. JellyLock8 lets you place five shortcuts to your own favourite programs arranged in a semicircle. The unlock and camera icons are saved so that you’ve got fast use of the camera also.


Cost: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Technically the very best fast launcher for Control Center, Polus continues to be widely and carefully designed and developed to provide you with plenty of customization choices and control on the tweak. If youre looking to place shortcuts to programs in the Control Center, Polus is the most effective approach to take about it.


Cost: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Think about some launching programs in the Spotlight but without hunting for them? In that, you could have your favourite programs recorded for fast access. The tweak is user friendly and is neatly designed.

Were expecting thered be more program launchers for iOS 9. The executions that weve seen so far are excellent and have paved way to get a template to discover the best program launchers.

So whats the greatest one of all? We cant possess a consensus on this one. Going by cost, JellyLock8 is amazing: its free also it works flawlessly. But every launcher appears to really have a limit which is, in fact, great as you dont need to get unlimited favorites. It defeats the goal. But if five, six or seven appears to be a little amount for the amount of favorites you’ve, Gestr looks like a trendy tweak. Thus does AppBox.

Im sure we lost some cool program launcher. Tell us in the opinions and well happily add it to our list.

Get your Android Smartphone to act like a Nexus device using Plain Vanilla Android

If you didn’t acquire one of the Nexus 5 devices- Google’s branded products- you are likely to undergo the vendor’s predefined features and design and also to be conditioned by the provider.

vanilla nexus


If you want to experience ‘Google Now’ you have to get Google’s version of Experience Launcher instead of ‘Sense’ from HTC or ‘Touch Wiz’ from Samsung, or one of many other that are initially included . ‘Google Now’ enables you to activate the voice technology directly from your home screen, with the condition that your headset is running at least Android 4.1 and you agree to install an app from an source labeled as “unknown”.

In order to obtain the code you need for your activation, you have to download one of the latest versions of Google’s Search from Google Play Store . After that, you’ll need only a small other app in order to be able to use it as your permanent phone’s interface.
Using Play Store, you have to download the latest version of Google Search from the Play Store and afterwards this small launcher app, made available by here. Tap on install and , if the case, adjust your phone’s security settings in order to be able to run the app. After completing this, on your home button should now exist a list of the available Launcher apps.
Select from the list the Google Experience Launcher which appears as ‘Launcher’ with the words’google Search’ underneath . According to the case , select ‘Just one’ for a quick tryout or ‘always’ if you want it to become your permanently default launcher.
If you uninstall the app , you will be able to return to the original settings .